Genitally-Operated Toys

OK, it’s way late to be posting this; this graphic has been doing the rounds since before Jesus rose again.

But 1. it’s funny. It’s funny in a way that makes the liberal feminist’s heart sing and order another vodka and tonic not through desperation that George Osbourne is still alive and regarded by more than his mother as somebody who knows what he’s doing, but through a joyful desire to re-connect with that squiffy part of herself that teaches her children to dance the twist outside Sainsbury’s when her children are, fortunately, unavailable for a re-enactment due to being asleep in bed.

And 2. I am suffering writer’s block like I have never, ever experienced before. These are the first words I have written in three months – for work or play – and if I don’t write something, I fear I will be certifiable within the next two-to-three days.

I’m sorry it’s the best I’ve got, and please bear with me, but I feel better already.

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3 responses to “Genitally-Operated Toys

  • Jeanie

    1. I haven’t seen it before (I was still distracted by the wine-into-water trick when Jesus rolled back the rock)
    2. I love the idea of teaching virtual off-spring the twist outside Sainsburys (other supermarkets are also suitable for al fresco twisting)
    3. So glad you are writing again.

  • MistressofBoogie

    You have no idea how much your point 3. has cheered me up. So, thanks, Jeanie.

  • Tanniss

    I’ve been thinking about printing this graphic on some sticker paper and getting all guerilla on the toy aisles here. I mean, COME ON.

    I’m excited to see you back. I’ve been suffering a bit of writers block myself. I have too many thoughts all jammed up and trying to make their way out in some coherent fashion. But they’re not. So…

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