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Joss Whedon: Not Disappointing

I know, right?  A video.  It’s almost like this blog is finally crawling into the 21st century.

I will surprise you even further by not being sarcastic at all about this video.  I remember watching it at the time and just being really impressed by its simple effectiveness.  I was also incredibly relieved by it.  Despite being a massive Buffy and Angel fan, I’d never encoutered their creator before (I don’t do that kind of fandom) and it was lovely that it wasn’t one of those situations  where you love something only to find out something really disappointing about it.  Like the guy I lusted after for a month, only seeing his head above the desk dividers way on the other side of the office.  Oh, that face!  The face of a dirty angel… I finally ended up going to someone’s leaving do and meeting this guy and I was so lustful (and a wee bit drunk) I even managed to get over the shock that he wore loafers (tasselled!!) and a signet ring (onyx!!), but when he opened his mouth…Well, if I tell you he opened his mouth to ask if I’d care to shag him in the toilets? you will understand my crushing disappointment.  Nothing to spoil a Friday like realising you’ve spent a month trying to engineer a water cooler meeting with a complete arsehole.

Oh, and please don’t tell me that Joss Whedon has in fact turned into an arsehole since 2006.  Does every bubble need to be popped? No, it does not.

[Memory rekindled by the Feminist Law Professors]