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Adverts don’t make Me Cry, Either

In yesterday’s Guardian, Charlie Brooker discussed the new genre of Christmas adverts we now get at this time of year.  If you don’t know Charlie B (you know, if you’re, like, foreign), you really should pop by to say hi, if you like your curmudgeon to come with a side of snide and an acerbic aftertaste.

I can’t help it; the man makes me laugh, OK?

Charlie B was particularly charmed by the new John Lewis advert, which shows a small boy anxiously watching the days click away until Christmas…but! contrary to all expectations, he is not the spoilt middle-class offspring of virtually all of John Lewis’s customers (I think I became middle-class purely so I could love JL more) awaiting the arrival of presents, but a charming, lovavble munchkin who cannot wait to give his parents their present.

Here’s the ad:

No, I didn’t cry, either. I was too busy wondering what monstrosity the boy had made out of two lollipop sticks and a tuft of cotton wool and managed to call a present.  I am, clearly, a bad mother.

But is it OK to laugh at this?:

Given the fuss they were making, the tears they shed, you’d think they were watching footage of shoeless orphans being kicked face-first into a propeller.  But no. They were looking at an advert for a shop.’

Because I laughed at this till tea came down my nose.