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Be Ye Not Afraid!

No, not going all religious on you (it’s the Angel Gabriel speech, stoopid! or kind of).

Be ye not afraid of ‘making people uncomfortable’ – the message I really liked from mind body mama.

So often when we break a silence we are vilified for causing whatever pain ensues. But the truth is that we are simply opening the container of hurt we’ve been carrying and inviting all the relevant parties share in its contents

That guy who sits too close in the bar, puts his uninvited arm around your shoulders? Looking him in the eye and saying, “Please don’t touch me” is just giving back the discomfort he gave you when he initiated unwanted touch. I don’t mean “giving it back” as code word for throwing attitude, either. You’re simply not holding on to something that wasn’t yours to begin with. It’s like picking up a glove he dropped and handing it to him; like saying, “I think this is yours.” You’re just telling the truth.’

Read it – she gives a couple of other examples, enough to show that this is basically applicable in all situations when people don’t respect your boundaries.

You’re already uncomfortable, so share it around.  That’s what christian spirit is all about, right?

Look at me; I am going all religious on you, ha!