For all its flaws – and they are legion – this is Boogieville, named in honour of my first child, Boogie, who as all first time parents will know, changed the landscape to such an extent that it had to be completely re-named.

And thus, Drunkenchaosville became Boogieville.

Licensing laws are much stricter in Boogieville, but it remains a somewhat chaotic place, especially so since the arrival of Boogie’s baby brother, L’il Boo.

The Boogie Meister roams the landscape but, by virtue of his ability to escape the city limits in order to go to work, his presence is more intermittent than my own.

I never really escape Boogieville given my strange decision to decide to not only raise children here, but to work here as well.

That said, I like it well enough.  Even if it can drive you to visit Drunkenchaosville on a regular basis.

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