We’re not in Kansas anymore

And thank fuck for that, given that Kansas is described as ‘solid Romney’.

Time for a musical interlude to shake off that bad taste in my mouth.

How. Awesome. Is. That?

I mean, apart from anything else, how fab is that song?

But I confess, I’m afraid. The US elections are actually scaring me.

I can only wonder how right-thinking people who actually live there are actually feeling.


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2 responses to “We’re not in Kansas anymore

  • Tannis

    I’m pretty sure they’re all mad as hatters. And hoping I won’t need the stockpile of alcohol that I’ve stashed to get through the evening on November 6th. Pray for us. 🙂

  • MistressofBoogie

    Well, you will need that stockpile, but let’s hope to fuck it’s for the celebration. Because if it’s not, you’re looking at alcoholism for the next four years at least…I really am afraid for you BECAUSE I STILL DON’T GET HOW THE RESULT OF THIS ELECTION CAN EVEN BE IN QUESTION!! I will pray – not sure who to, but I’ll try…

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