The Motherhood Penalty

Via Sociological Images.

[In the labour market] one thing we know is that, if you compare mothers to child-less women who are otherwise equal, mothers are on lower wages than child-less women. And this has become an increasingly important component of gender inequality.

‘The pay gap between mothers and child-less women is now larger than the…gender gap, the gap between men and women.’

And this:

Women make about 69% of what men make (not controlling for type of occupation), but most of this disadvantage is related to parental status, not sex.

‘Women without children make 90% of what men make, while mothers make 66%.’

Now. You tell me again that feminism doesn’t need to fight for mothers?

Front and fucking centre.

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2 responses to “The Motherhood Penalty

  • Rachel

    This is shocking and really discouraging! What I find most disheartening is that this displays only a bias against mothers, not for fathers too. Obviously there should be no difference between the sexes and whether or not you have children, but I think it speaks volumes that employers aren’t as biased against fathers. Is this because primarily because men are usually seen as more logical and thinking in comparison to women, or because society doesn’t see men as involved as much in the home and with children?

    It seems that women take the brunt of the stereotype again.

    • MistressofBoogie

      I think it’s just that it’s accepted that children don’t disrupt fathers’ careers. Which is pathetic but largely true, I think. Adjustments to working hours etc that children demand are all, bu and large, made by mothers. Rubbish, isn’t it?

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