Rape Crisis Christmas Campaign

God, it depresses me to even write that title.  A specific, Yuletide anti-rape message is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the ‘festive’ time of year, is it?  Y’know, cards, presents, eggnog, targetted posters reminding men that rape isn’t nice despite the presence of mistletoe.  For shit.

Does rape become more prevalent around this time of year?  I’ve no idea – and I couldn’t find any stats that suggested whether that was the case or not – but I suppose there’s just more instances of women going out, getting drunk, having fun, needing reigning in, needing jack-booting back to the kitchen…

Oh, I’m being curmudgeonly.  Possibly.  Well, see what you think:

[brought to my attention by Too Much to Say for Myself]

So, you see, the campaign has one, huge, huge, thing going for it.

It doesn’t victim blame.  Even if only, specifically, for drinking.

It doesn’t victim blame.  I find it difficult to be pissed at any rape campaign which doesn’t actively blame the victim.  You know?

But there has been criticism.  We, feminists, as the Daily Mail will tell you, are never fucking happy.

My own personal criticism is that whilst it holds the victims not to blame – my, how far we’ve come! – the campaign appears to uphold another, very important rape culture myth: that only young, attractive, patriarchal-compliant women get raped.  Oh, and apparently, only white women get raped – who knew, right?

Ugly women – whether ‘ugly’ because they’re old, or fat, or hairy or disabled, or whatever – these women do not get raped.  Right?  I don’t even need to tell you the myth I’m talking about, right?

That rape happens because men can’t control their penis in the face of an attractive young piece of tail in a vest top.  That one.  That when ‘ugly’ women get raped, they don’t get raped, they get lucky.  Because who would, otherwise, want to fuck that?  More, that when ‘ugly’ women get raped, they don’t actually get raped, because who would want to fuck that at all?

That when ‘ugly’ women get raped, they don’t actually get raped, because they are fantasising, because who would want to fuck that?

So, am I being curmudgeonly?  Or should I accept that a step forward is at least a fucking step forward?

That, my friends, is the essential dilemna of the feminist curmudgeon.

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5 responses to “Rape Crisis Christmas Campaign

  • Rachel A. Hanson

    This is definitely a dilemma and I can see where you’re coming from. So yes, as you say “We, feminists. . . are never fucking happy,” I think that both happiness and anger (for lack of a better word) are possible here. I’m pleased that this campaign is taking a step forward. I’m also upset that they’re not acknowledging that women in all different “categories” get raped.

    • MistressofBoogie

      I’m happy and angry for sure…just like I always am (being a cynical optimist and a feminist makes this an almost permanent state for me)! I guess part of the problem that there is are so many myths surrounding rape that it’s difficult for any campaign to address them all.

  • TMae

    I wonder who this ad is aimed at. Because here, where I live in Frat Party Central, that ad would be PERFECT for the college campus. Because there is a LOT of emphasis directed at women in this town to “not get shit faced, something bad might happen to you.” I would love to see something like this in a public venue because it’s so radically different from the message we’ve been given for so long. Placing responsibility where it lies – on the rapist.

    But, yeah…the feminist conundrum. This ad does serve to reinforce public perception that “some women” get raped while others don’t.

    I wonder, if we were to design an anti-rape campaign, for the feminocracy, what would it look like?

    • MistressofBoogie

      I’m guessing US anti-rape messages are pretty much like what we normally get in England then, sigh. This campaign seems to have originated at rape Crisis Scotland who for some reason I haven’t figured out yet seem to totally rock when it comes to actually blaming rapists for rape.
      I have to go now; I am busy designing my ‘ideal’ anti-rape poster…you really got me thinking on that one…

      • TMae

        I’ve been thinking about gonzo-ing the info graphic from Rape Crisis Scotland – the one with 10 ways not to rape – all over town. Just for fun.

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