Post-Party Blues

Coo, I was a bit frickin’ grumpy yesterday, wasn’t I?  Now it’s all over, I’m markedly less so.  Phew.

And it went OK.  I had a few beers, and kept myself in check and it was all good.  There was a point when it hit that ‘point’ of virtual no return; if you’ve spent time around large groups of kids, you’ll know that they’re like little atoms all bumping together and shooting off in random directions, all managing to be everywhere and nowhere all at once.  As the bumping and shooting off goes on, it increases in frequency and speed, and heat is generated.  This energy feeds in on itself like a tornado starting and the kids gets louder…and louder…and rowdier…and more manic…until there is a ‘pitch’ of sound reached.  This (as I’m figuring you’ve guessed by now), is not entirely scientific, but the next time you have the misfortune to be trapped in a room of 30 6-year-olds, listen out for it.  The energy hits a certain level of loudness, yes, but the loudness is not the thing, it is the hum, the hum that marks the opening of some kind of vortex which sucks down the small amount of ability children have to contain themselves.  You’ll know you’ve missed the hum when all the children are just spinning on their axes individually, projectile vomiting chocolate.

We caught it just in time today and imposed some discipline; otherwise known as ‘organised games’, which brought the chaos back down to ‘reasonable for 6-year-olds’.

I still really frickin’ hate kids’ parties because of all the stuff I hate that they bring front and centre, but today was good.  I sank some beers and chatted to friends.  I’ve had worse Sundays.


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2 responses to “Post-Party Blues

  • TMae

    THIRTY 6 year olds? There is NO WAY I will ever be ready for that. Kudos! I’m raising a virtual bottle of wine (yes, I’m passing on the glass, the bottle seems more apropos in this instance) in honor of your bravery.

    • MistressofBoogie

      Oh, you’ll be ready. There’s a reason it takes them 6 years to reach the level of dementedness of 6 year olds; it’s to give you six years to psyche yourself up for it…

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