Christmas is Coming!

In 6 weeks from today, in fact!  I don’t know what it is this year, but I am sliding into the idea of the festive season with quivers of excitement.  Normally, I’m pretty Christmassy, but never in November and never so much so that I look forward to the process of buying presents.  But this year, this year…

I think it’s because L’il Boo is clearly going to be a full and active participant in the whole thing this year.  Last year, he approached his pile of presents with a cool indifference and opened them at a pace that frankly maddened Boogie.  Even on his birthday in June, he was only vaguely interested in wrapping paper removal.  By Boogie’s birthday in October, however, he’d clearly realised what possibilities could lie underneath each layer of wrapping.  In a stunning display, he managed to open most of Boogie’s presents faster than she did – and the girl’s a house record holder for the fastest unwrapping of presents.  In an even more stunning display, Boogie took the entire thing entirely in her stride, saying – and apparently even meaning it – that she didn’t mind at all.  Eh?

So this Christmas morning is going to be FULL ON and I can’t frickin’ wait.

This is my kids’ normal morning routine:

– Wake up, charge into parents’ bed.  Jump on parents in turn until one finally gets enough breath back to shout ‘get the bloody hell off me you pesky kids!’ (yes, we both swear and quote Scooby Doo a lot in this house; I make no apologies)

– Keep jumping until somebody (normally me) gets kicked in the head in the general melee.

– Hurtle off bed at light speed as soon as I announce it’s time to get dressed, hurtling, naturally, in the opposite direction to where the clothes are.

– Get rounded up and stuffed into clothes, one item at a time.  Between each item, charge up and down the hallway, laughing maniacally.

– Get herded into kitchen for breakfast.  Give parents’ ears a rest for five minutes (on a good day), or (Boogie only) have head fit because an imaginary drop of milk has touched sleeve of dress. (Love her – the girl has issues)

– Request to leave the table, then (Boogie) shout Bear! and run round and round in circles, growling (L’il Boo) and shouting (Boogie) and laughing maniacally (both), whilst parents drink hot beverages and successfully totally ignore the noise and the carnage.

– Rouse parents by saying something un-ignorable like ‘let’s do back flips off the sofa, you go first L’il Boo!’

– Resist parents’ entreaties to ‘get a move on!’ until bodily carried (one per parent) to the toothbrushing area.  Squeal like stuck pigs the whole way.

– React to teeth/hair brushing like they’re medieval torture devices resurrected by parents for pure sadistic pleasure

– Escape sadistic torturers and run up and down hallway (again) with towels on heads shouting ‘Superhero!’

– Try to escape capture by climbing up the outside of our metal staircase.  Give BoogieMeister a heart attack as L’il Boo suddenly appears at head height, ta-dahing off said stairs like a drunken Chinese acrobat.

– Get trapped by net and have shoes forcible attached.

– Get kissed/cuddled/shoved out of door by me in one smooth motion.

So when I say Christmas will be full on, you can see how much fun it’s going to be!  I seriously cannot wait!


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