And feeling somewhat non-plussed by the whole thing.  I cleared the decks and embarked on a 6 week odyssey to Spain and France and jeez, it was fabulous.  I know, I know, but seriously, I cannot lie about it to make y’all feel better.  It was sublime, awesome and, well, a bit more fabulous than I’ve already said.

The first thing that happened upon returning to England was that it rained and we got stuck in a traffic jam.  The second thing that happened was that I got ‘flu and tonsillitis at the same frickin’ time and cried at regular intervals over a week because I just felt so fucking wretched.  The third thing that happened was that L’il Boo came down with an ear infection, then a chest infection.  The fourth thing that happened was that L’il Boo ended up in hospital for a week with breathing difficulties.

Karma, I tell you, is a bee-yatch.  If I believed in god, I’d know the fucker was laughing at me.

And now the next thing that’s happened is that I realised the pressure of the first-post-after-a-long-absence.  You know – you’ve been gone so long, you want to write a post that zings like Liza Minelli on acid, to remind people why they read you in the first place (and read you do – yes, you do, I have blog stats to prove it; that I attract lurkers of the highest order surprises me not in the least – I am a lurker of the highest order and karma is, as I have already mentioned, a bee-yatch).  Oh, the pressure.

And then I remembered that my last post – the one that’s been up first for the last, ooh, eleventy weeks or so, is about a fart joke.  A 2 year old’s fart joke.  Really, I have nothing to lose, do I?

Soooo.  Here’s what is – or should be if it isn’t – known as a ‘holding post’ while I get my shit back together.

Hope you all had a good summer.


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2 responses to “Back

  • TMae

    You’re baaaaaaaaack! I’ve missed you. (I hope L’il Boo is recovered completely with no lasting impact, but 6 weeks in Spain and France sounds…well, it sounds amazing.)

  • mistressofboogie

    Aah, TMae, thanks! You are most reliably not a lurker and I love you for it! Keep meaning to get round to doing a link to your ‘hair’ post – a pet peeve of mine.
    L’il Boo is just dandy, thanks. He still has a cough that turns heads, but he’s nicely on the mend. I made the mistake of starting to read and now I’m just falling over grateful for the NHS…

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