It Is Summer

Yes, I get that it’s been – apparently – summer for a while, but my own, personal summer is finally beginning and we’re heading Europe-wise tomorrow.  Yippee!!!!

Therefore, I won’t be posting for a while because I get lazy and stoopid in heat (as in when it’s hot weather, as opposed to when I’ve got it goin’on).

Have a good summer everyone.


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2 responses to “It Is Summer

  • TMae

    EnJOY and color me jealous!

  • mistressofboogie

    Ola! We’ve now done Spain (sans internet access) and are now enjoying La France (with internet access) – so Bonjour! Course, I’m an old hand at Europe (being European and all), and where I’d really like to spend the summer is trawling around America in an old convertible with fins (I have a vague idea what that means – well, enough of one to make me think I’m in Grease and that’s sufficient) – so I guess the jealousy cuts both ways! Not that I’m suggesting that you’re a convertible with fins kind of person, but you know what I mean! Hope you’re having a great summer whatever you’re doing.

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