Do Genitals Really Rule the World?

Isn’t it marvellous when somebody agrees with you?  Many moons ago I wrote a post about how much radical feminists really love men (bear with me, bear with me), more than any other section of society does, viz:

Because radical feminists are in fact the only group in the known world who don’t think that men are – inescapably – all animals, beholden to their biology, such biology apparently having been subject to no change whatsoever since they were out chasing woolly mammoths.

‘Radical feminists, my dear men friends, are the only people who will ascribe to you higher cognitive functions which allow you to make choices – real, informed choices – about how you behave and how big an arsehole you are. Or not. Rad fems are the only people giving you the personal agency of an adult.

‘It’s all those ‘biology is destiny’ people your public relations people need to have a word with I’m afraid; I don’t know the collective noun for them but I suggest you start with anybody who writes a book called ‘Why Men Wouldn’t Know an Emotion if It Bit Them On the Backside And Why Women Do the Biting For Fun’ or anything similar.’

This piece by Martin Robbins in The Guardian is – therefore – just fab.  Finally a man (yes, a man! so it’s a legitimate thought!), has come out and said he’s gosh darn offended by the whole fucking idea that his winky is cleverer than his brain:

What grates is the idea that all men are passive slaves to our sex drives, lumps of meat attached to our penises like a little old lady being dragged along the pavement by a Doberman in heat, rather than capable adults making conscious choices.’

Go, Martin!  It’s always struck me as ironic that men buy into this idea so readily.  Women are constantly told that we’re less intelligent than men and that we’re too emotional for proper rational thought.  As a woman, naturally, this has always been offensive to me.  But here’s the thing: at least it’s not women who are (generally) telling me that; pretty rare is the woman these days who goes along with that idea, and rarer still is the woman who speaks it out loud (I except Daily Male columnists because, well, because they’re idiots).  As a sex, women have lived with an historical stereotype and have reached a stage where, as a sex, we find that stereotype to be bollocks.  Seriously, can you imagine a woman telling you that she’s too dim to think clearly through her hormones?  And if you did find one, she’d be like a self-fulfilling prophecy because you’d automatically assume any woman who could say that with a straight face was a bit dim.

But a man buying into the myth that he’s a slave to his winky?  Well, reach out now in a random direction and you’ll probably be able to touch one (you can wash your hands later).  Robbins’ article itself links to several examples of such men who even write the idea in national newspapers.  So whilst women may be too emotional, men are powerless in the face of their penis.  So really, I suppose, at best, these people just think we’re all as dumb as a bag of hammers.  Personally, I don’t find that particularly inspirational.

I’ll leave you with the best one-liner of the day:

Brendan O’Neill reinforces this message today with his latest ‘edgy’ and ‘politically-incorrect’ rant at the Telegraph. Apparently we are but men, and if wily women wear short skirts then how can we possibly suppress a wolf-whistle? Well Brendan, some of us manage to get through the day without being outsmarted by our genitals.’



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