Mistress’s New Law No. 3

Following on from the genius stealth tax that was New Law No.2, comes related New law No.3.  This one’s for all the ‘Political correctness has gone maaahd’ crowd (aka. the ‘I’m no longer allowed to openly state arsehole opinions without rightly being made to feel like a steaming pile of crap’ crowd).  They’ll love it.

So, for all the ‘I’m not sexist, but…’ and the ‘I’m not racist, but…’ and the ‘I’m not a wanker, but I’m going to now illustrate how I spend my life masturbating into my own mouth’, here it is:

Mistress’s New Law No.3.

Anybody who utters the words ‘You can’t say it anymore’ followed by ‘but…followed-by-a-precise-statement-of-exactly-what-you’ve-just-alleged-you’re-not-allowed-to-say-anymore’ will be subject to the same financial penalties levied for offences against Mistress’s New Law No.2.  As an additional bonus, they will also be required to attend classes along with other offenders until they finally get why you can’t say it anymore.

Jesus, this is going to be the best financed post-revolutionary period since the glory days of the CIA  and its fondness for puppet regimes.  We will have  milk and honey flowing through the streets, my friends!

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