Mistress’s New Law No.2

As with so many of the things that are the small manifestations of my genius, I started my Mistress’s New Laws full of further ideas and enthusiasm.  And then ran out of steam.  Honestly, if I could figure out how to finish my genius manifestations, I would rule the fucking world.


I was idly wondering, as I tend to do about 20 times a day, how freakishly rich (like Tory MP rich) I would be if I had a pound for every time somebody said ‘XY chromosomed little person is so [insert stereotypical masculine behaviour]…but then boys are like that, aren’t they?’  And, of course a pound for ‘XX chromosomed little person is so [insert stereotypical feminine behaviour]…but then girls are like that, aren’t they?’

Which led me to Mistress’s New Law No.2.

Come the feminist revolution, anybody who utters either version of the above, or any variation thereof, will face an on-the-spot fine of an amount between £100 and £1000, the precise amount to be determined by the sheer inanity of the stereotypical behaviour illustration used.

The fine may be levied by any feminist within earshot.

And by this means alone, I calculate that the on-going revolution will be financed for at least the first ten years.

See?  Genius.

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One response to “Mistress’s New Law No.2

  • TMae

    Absolute GENIUS, I say. Just today, as I was getting my hair cut, my stylist suggested that I should be thankful for the gender of my child because the opposite gender are “so much harder to deal with. MY GOD, can you imagine!”

    Well then…

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