It’s News to Me

This from The Observer this Sunday. The title is as follows:

London 2012 Olympics: Crackdown on Brothels ‘puts sex workers at risk’.

Well, yada yada, you say.  Another article arguing that if only we could have prostitutes plying their trade on the high street during school hours, all would be fine and dandy and they’d stop doing that annoying thing of getting murdered all the time.  Yeah, the premise is wrong, but it’s a popular one we’ve heard a lot and we know we won’t learn anything new, right?

What got me about this one was the hilarious sub-title:

‘Police clean-up of London’s Olympic boroughs is pushing vice crime and human trafficking underground, say critics

Is ‘vice crime and human trafficking currently ‘above ground’ then?  Are these things not still illegal??

I missed a fucking meeting again, didn’t I?


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