Where’s My Baby Gone?!

Boogie and L’il Boo had a haircut today.* L’il Boo’s first ever haircut.  The tradition is that the BoogieMeister attends haircuts.  It is a tradition that, as with all traditions that I find unsatisfactory, will have to go.

For the last three haircuts at least, the independent Boogie has professed her desire, despite being surrounded by a sea of long-haired female class mates, to have her shoulder-length hair cut short, arranging her hair into what looks like a pretty groovy page boy crop to make the point.  For the last three haircuts, she has returned home with a slight trim.  The BoogieMeister merely mumbles when I ask, what happened this time?  This time, therefore, I send him off with strict instructions that he is to allow her to have the haircut she wants.

L’il Boo, on the other hand, has no hair style desires, so he’s at my mercy.  I accept his curls need tidying up – after a nap he looks like Leo Sayer after an electricity accident – but, I tell the BoogieMeister, no more than that.  A trim is all he needs. He looks like a little cherub with his curls and damnit, he’s still only a baby!  I like my cherub!  BoogieMeister mumbles something before he leaves, but he also nods so I’m pretty sure he got what I was saying.

Arriving home, Boogie has had, at best, a trim; L’il Boo looks like he’s just been shorn by the man in the SpecSavers advert (and boy, is it aging – L’il Boo suddenly looks about, oh, two and a half).  Is it possible he just got them mixed up?  Or is something more sinister going on here??

*This whole post is a lie.  Well, it’s not actually; it’s all true except this sentence.  It wasn’t today, it was some time ago, but I forgot to hit post.  Duh!


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