Rape Culture

Great post from kittywampus about the attack on journalist Lara Logan.

Woman gets sexually assaulted and beaten.

It’s her fault.

She should’ve stayed in the kitchen.

(Where at least she’d have known her attacker personally.)

I’ll also add this article.  Beware, though, it’s CiF.  Under no circumstances read the comments; if you really feel the need, read this instead.

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2 responses to “Rape Culture

  • Sungold

    Thanks so much for the link! Just to clarify for anyone who doesn’t click through to my post: I’m savagely mocking the idea that staying in the kitchen will keep us safe – not endorsing it!

    Loved your summary of the standard form and content of the comments on CIF. I blocked a troll from posting some vile stuff on the post you linked (then blogged about the awfulness of this particular troll, which I can only hope won’t feed it). Logan’s assault has been a feeding frenzy for the misogynists and Islamophobes. I hope she is recovering without any exposure to the hate.

  • mistressofboogie

    Ha, yes, savagely mocking is right. Really, great post.

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