Oh, Let’s Just Make It A Wee Bit Harder

Raising kids is hard.  At least if your parenting style is anything other than active neglect (and mine is never active, OK?).  Raising kids the ‘feminist way’ is harder.  No, don’t bother arguing – it just is, just as swimming against the tide is always easier than floating with the flow.  Try swimming against the tide with a concrete block tied to your back.  Then try kicking yourself in the head repeatedly.  Whilst your feet are tied together.


But, as with everything in life, the harder it is, the more rewarding it is.  The little victories really do count.  Like when Boogie turns around and says, ‘I need a dress, not pants.  I’m dancing and you can’t be beautiful in pants’, then checks herself, looks at me and says, ‘OK, that was a stoopid thing to say.’

Ah, golden moments.


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