L’il Boo, The Sweetest Man-Child

L’il Boo gets nary a mention on this blog.  Those of you who have suffered ‘trying’ children (me included – oh, yes, I’m talking about you Boogie…), may have guessed that this is mainly because he gives me no trouble at all.  The boy is a little angel.  He rarely cries, and never excessively, he is calm, sweet and even-tempered.  He shares freely with his sister and is equally free with hugs and kisses and snot smears.  He eats well (having had the advantage of being baby-led weaned), and he started sleeping through the night at just over two months old.  And he loves his momma in that absolute, unerring way that only a toddler can.  And just as the good child rarely gets rewarded for its goodness, but gets squelched like a ton of bricks if it has an off day, I do sometimes take him for granted.  And this is really hitting me now because everything is about to change.

L’il Boo is off to nursery.

What will become of my sweet, sweet boy when he starts being exposed to all the crap the nursery environment has to offer?  As he embarks on his role as ‘gender detective’ (thanks Cordelia Fine – I love you still)?  When he starts to see ‘how boys behave’?

Aw, crap, I miss him already.


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