Women’s Place in the News

I’ve been indulging my ‘there is no patriarchy and I am the default sex’ fantasy with Women’s Views on News again.  I know, I should be out protesting something, but WVoN is just too warm and cosy a place to be in this shitty weather.

Of course, warm and cosy just doesn’t cut it for long.

It occured to me, as I idly clicked through the stories, how nice it would be to only read WVoN for all my news info, to ignore all the CiF sickos and the Daily Male misogynists forever.  And then it occured to me how thoroughly uninformed that would make me.  Within days, I would be positively ignorant of everything.

Oh, sure, if you only read any one media source, your view of the world would be slanted.  If you only read, say the Daily Male, you’d be quite sure that everything that happened in the world only happened at all in order to contribute to the UK going to hell in a handbasket, for example; if you read only The Sun, you’d think that everything that happened in the world was perfectly simple and was able to be explained in cartoon language (or actual cartoons).  If you only watched Fox News you’d be…well, it wouldn’t matter cos you’d be brain dead before you could reach any conclusions.

You get my drift.

But if you just read WVoN, you’d just think that nothing happened in the world at all.  This is nothing, of course, to do with WVoN’s efforts (have I mentioned I love it?), and everything to do with the sheer paucity of material they have to work with.  Because it only deals with news about women.  Should I take to reading my news only from WVoN, most glaringly, I would be entirely ignorant of politics, except of course, for the knowledge that it fucks me on a regular basis.  I would be ignorant of ‘serious’ literature and virtually all films (the vast majority failing, as they do, even the basic Bechdel Test).  The thing called ‘Sport’ would mystify me, as would ‘Business’ (something to do with resembling a bus, perhaps –  ‘That thing is big and red, it has bus-i-ness’).

Women:  over half the population of the world, not at all newsworthy.


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