Womens’ Views on News

Whilst mooching around the stalls at Feminism in London the other week, I happened upon a stall for the website Womens’ Views on News.  And I’m now a bit addicted to it.  Whilst the news stories are great of themselves, what really draws me in is the small view it gives you on what it’s like to be a man, at least where news is concerned.  All the stories are about women, women, women – almost (ye gods!) like we were the default gender or something equally preposterous.  Men, where mentioned, are ‘other’, the side-show if you like.  This is what it must feel like to be a man reading, oh, every other single news outlet in the known world.  And I tell you, it rocks.  No wonder we’re going to have to rip privilege from their cold, dead fingers, eh?


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