Something Strange This Way Comes

Something very strange is going on and it is, in essence, this:  I am somethimes more likely to swear at my computer whilst reading The Guardian than whilst reading The Daily Male.  And no, it isn’t because I own a computer with feminist sensibilities which recognises the Daily Male as a popularist Patriarchy tool and shuts down with a flounce when I access Femail.

No.  Like a moth to a bunsen burner, whenever I access The Guardian I am drawn against my better judgment to the Comment Is Free section and worse, to any article which posits some aspect of the basic theory that women are people rather than ‘just women’.  The level of sheer, undiluted misogyny of the comments to such pieces is something rarely seen outside of the Salem witch trials.  It’s horrendous.  But in my occasional forays over to the Daily Male (just to try in vain to disprove my theory that a day does indeed go by without the feminists screwing it up for everyone), many comments on articles such as this one:

And Another Thing Feminists Are To Blame For

are always a shocker for their reasoned arguments about why the article is full of shit.  Further, such comments are those that garner the biggest approval ratings, with red flags being given to comments in agreement with the article.  Weird, huh?  Oh, I know, a large part of it will be down to some Internet idea of Trolling Exchange but still; there must be some people who actually comment on the paper they actually read, surely?  Could it be that The Male is going a bit too far even for its own readership?  We light a candle and wait in hope.


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