Oh, Come On, You Lying Whores!

Hopefully, today’s letter of complaint was less loony-like than yesterday’s.  It had to be really given it was made to The Independent.  Newspapers are sticklers for proper language, grammar and cold, hard facts, aren’t they?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

While I wipe the tears from my eyes, let me lead you to this:

Women Are Liars

OK, so they didn’t actually go with that title, but they may as well have done.  They actually went with the title ‘Is Our Rape Conviction Rate Really So Poor?’

Now the whole article, short though it may be, is offensive, idiotic and boring in equal measures but I’m not tempted to go through it line by line because, well, because it’s all too familiar for words: Man Uses ‘Science’ to Legitimise Hating Women’.  Yawn.

Suffice to say, a large part of it is about just exactly how many women, feeling bored on a Sunday afternoon, or irritated at work, or just generally pissed off with the Patriarchy, decide to falsely accuse a man of rape.  You know, like, ho hum, should I go to the police, be disbelieved and ridiculed, then fight the CPS to get them to take my case to court, then sit through a detailed, personalised attack by defence counsel, then see my attacker walk free because I once kissed a man while wearing a short skirt, or should I do my nails?

Fortunately for us all, the author is a ‘man of science’ whose organisation, ‘Straight Statistics’ apparently seeks ‘to improve the understanding and use of statistics’.  I know, I know – now all you feminists are scared, right?  Because this man will show, using statistical evidence, that women really are liars and you will have to don a pinny and start the washing up.


Despite the author’s own view that it is ‘almost impossible‘ to calculate the number of false rape claims, he then confidently goes on to assert that it is ‘far more than the 2% cited in the CPS’s Rape Manual.‘  He then repeats this allegation (‘The real level of false accusations is higher.‘) before stating that ‘Nobody knows [the real level of false accusations]’.

My question becomes obvious (and should be obvious to anybody with two dendrites to rub together): if it is indeed ‘impossible‘ to know the figure, then how exactly does he know it is much higher that that asserted by the CPS or any of the other similar studies which put the incidence of false rape claims at the same levels as other crimes?  Are we to assume that he has extensive personal knowledge of false rape claims (which he has then unwisely extended to make assumptions about all rape claims)?  Or are we to assume that well, women are just all liars, aren’t they?  No prizes for guessing which assumption springs to mind more readily, eh?

But surely, I’ve quoted selectively, you think!  As part of my evil feminist plan to smash The Patriarchy, I’ve missed out the statistical evidence this man must surely provide, no?  He’ll surely have provided some if only to ‘improve my understanding of statistics‘, n’est-ce pas?

For shame, but the man gives me no opportunity for self-improvement.  There seems little danger in misunderstanding his statistical evidence for the incidence of false rape claims given that he provides no evidence, statistical or otherwise, for his assertions.  It seems that there’s just a Truth Fairy sitting in his head.  Unfortunately for us all, she’s not called Cassandra.

Jeez, I’m so tired of this shit.

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