Maracas & Shennanigans

While we’re on the subject of adverts (as we were about six months ago), what the fuck is going on with M&S these days?  First we have the ‘Quality Worth Every Penny’ series which, essentially, showed various women’s body parts (no heads, oh no) with those words emblazoned across them.  The pick of that bunch was the one which just showed a pair of breasts with the tag line nestling playfully underneath them.  Presumably, it was supposed to be advertising the bra the breasts were wearing but all I could think every time I saw it was that it was an advert for an upmarket brothel.

Then yesterday I found myself staring at three bikini clad ‘lovelies’ frolicking in the surf.  The tag line?  ‘Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT!’  Geddit?  Three bikinied lovelies, three repetitions of HOT!  Genius.  WTF?  Has Hugh Heffner been made M&S’s new marketing director and nobody’s told me??


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