Mumsnet: The Backlash

Is it just me or is Mumsnet suddenly being roundly villified by the media?  And is this in any way connected to the fact that these attacks come just after the media decided that the members of this overwhelmingly female site actually had a bit of power in connection to the next election?   And is it just me but are the accusations levelled at Mumsnet – ‘bitchy’, ‘santimonious bossy-boots’, ‘opinionated’ – exactly the same accusations levelled at any women who gets above her station, actually having opinions and not being afraid to express them?



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One response to “Mumsnet: The Backlash

  • Sharon Southwell

    I don’t think the media are afraid, neither should they be. They have seen and exposed Mumsnet for what it is. Having come across the site whilst searching for advice I was horrified at the level of verbal abuse; bitching and spite. Some of these “mums” make me ashamed to be a woman, let alone a mother.

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