It Is About The Kids

For ‘maternal musings’ there isn’t really much about the kids, is there?  So, how are they?  L’il Boo is so laid back he’s past horizontal.  The biggest thing with him right now is trying to get him to stay awake long enough to learn something.  Boogie, on the other hand, is a live wire, developing at such a pace I’m thinking of giving her a curfew time to get home by.  In so many respects, she’s a teenager already, well, the annoying parts anyway: eye-rolling, whatevers and other teenager-isms too numerous to mention.  I’m thinking of actually re-naming her Kevin.  Or Perry. 

Course, the truly amazing part is that, despite all this, or maybe even partly because of it (depending on how tired I am and how much she’s playing me I suppose) is that she still manages to be completely delightful.  Her favorite joke at the minute – she’s very big on physical comedy – is wearing the Boogie Meister’s glasses, pretending to be Velma from Scooby-Doo, then dropping the glasses on the floor and wandering around, arms outstretched, bumping into things.  Hilarious, I tell you. 

Judging  by the relentless sameyness of every other parenting type blog on the net which all describe how delightful their kids are – infuriating but delightful – I can only conclude that, completely contrary to what I thought before I had them, kids are in fact delightful.


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