Marry A Moron Today!

And be haaaaaaapy! He may have a political stance that puts Nick Griffin in the centre left, have defunct sperm and questionable hygiene, but, hey, you’ll have got him!  The clap-trappery of this is unbelievable.

The real kicker with this article – because, let’s face it, if my blood pressure peaked at every instance of this type of crap I’d have to change my name to Ms. Hypertension – is where it was.   Settling down in my local coffee shop, I looked at the Sunday papers laid out before me, dismissing Travel and Review and Sport for News because I felt like some hard facts about the world around me. And on a page clearly headed ‘News’ I get this.  Now let’s overlook the fact that Gottlieb’s views are as old hat as an 18th century prairie bonnet…no, let’s not because that seems to me to disqualify it as ‘News’ from the off.  But. In any event, have we sunk to such a state of personal importance in this bare-all world that the views of one person taking one aspect of her personal life and mistaking it for a universal (well, universal for women anyhow) truth is now ‘News’? What gives?  Not enough natural disasters in the world this week?  Not enough facts to go round?

What is quite rib-tickling is the fact that Gottlieb manages to blame both unrealistic romantic expectations and feminism for women’s failing to marry ‘in time’.  I’m still puzzling over this one, but what I think it means is that women are screwing themselves by not marrying because they think marriage will be perfect and completely shit all at the same time.


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