The Modern Age

You wake up and read this little gem,0,1128043.story?page=1 and all you can think is: I do not want my children to grow up in this world.

Aside from all the obvious (too obvious) reactions of disgust and outrage, two points.

1. the article describes it as a ‘violent sexual fantasy’.  Er, no.  There was nothing ‘sexual’ about it.  It was the ex-boyfriend’s fantasy and it had nothing to do with sex.  How about ‘violent, sadistic, revenge fantasy’.  Cos that’s what it was.  It was so far removed from sex as to be on another planet – when will people get this?

2. An official is quoted as saying this was a crime only possible because of the Internet.  Nope.  I studied law many, many moons ago and remember (all too) clearly rape cases where, for example, a boyfriend told his mates that his girlfriend wanted to be raped and yes, she would resist, but that was all part of ‘her’ fantasy, so they should just carry on.  Inevitably, the rapists were cleared on the basis of ‘reasonable’ belief in her consent.  I wonder what will happen this time around.  Twenty years later and we’re still wondering?  To be honest I feel sick.


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