A Challenging Child

Oh, yes, she is.  Our little Boogie has a will of steel and a glare to match.  The BoogieMeister is in a snappy mood at the minute (due to out-of-house stress); this is unusual (normally I’m Bad Cop) and Boogie is…let’s say ‘experimenting’ with him.

This morning, as she was leaving for school (taken as usual by the BoogieMeister)

B: I wanna take a book.

BM: [Huge exasperated sigh] OK.  A.  Small.  Book.  Now.

Several threats later, Boogie finally returns with a huge book.

BM: I said a small book!

Five minutes of BM growing increasingly furious as Boogie argues for the big book.  He finally carries her to her room: Choose.  A.  Small. Book.  Now.

Several threats later, she returns with a small book.  Two of them in fact.

And that, in a nutshell, is Boogie.  She just has to push that envelope, just has to.  She’s not even consciously being ‘naughty’, she just can’t help it. 

I’ve decided I’m just going to say ‘yes’ more.  Let’s see how that goes ha ha ha ha ha ha .


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