Things for Which I am Grateful to Anne Enright

Making me realise that you can burp a baby by rocking it back and forth on its hinge.  Nobody ever told me that, I only knew of the back rubbing/patting method.  As a result, Boogie suffered – and so we all suffered – from terrible colic despite hours of back patting.  L’il Boo has no such problems, giving out splendid belches within seconds of being rocked.  If I rock with him, it tends to clear me out, too. 

Why did nobody tell me this before?  And why did nobody tell me that the best way – that I’ve found anyway – to avoid mastitis when breastfeeding is to check the breast at the end of each feed for hard bits and then at the next feed, massage that hard bit ever so gently to get the milk flowing from the blocked spot?  Works a treat.  And avoids the feeling that you may pass out when a boisterous 3 year old jumps on your chest and hits the tender spot.


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