Oh, The Irony


Reading this post http://noblesavage.me.uk/2009/10/03/light-at-the-end-of-the-toddler/ by Noble Savage today, describing the unutterable horror and insane beauty of raising a child, I was struck once again by the irony of it all.

We spend our time as parents trying to live through the toddler/pre-schooler traits that make us most insane, those we call irrationality and stubbornness and pig-headedness, and do our best to tone them down as much as possible.  If only so we don’t ‘accidentally’ leave the kids at the supermarket.  And then move house.  

But as Noble savage rightly points out, these very traits are precisely the ones I want my adult Boogie to be replete with, only then I will call them determination, steadfastness, confidence, independence, being opinionated, being passionate about what you believe. 

It’s a fine line between civilising a toddler so that she’s bearable and – especially with a girl – making her question herself for the rest of her life.

Blimey, this parenting stuff just gets more and more tricky.


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